Which Structures Fit Your Needs?

High Tunnel

The High Tunnel gives Mother Nature a boost for a longer growing season and higher yield of crops.  

Cold Frame

A Commercial Cold Frame is one of the simplest forms of greenhouses. 

Commercial Greenhouse

The custom built 30' X 96' Commercial Greenhouse is our most popular size and features easy lift side curtains, a double shutter with motor and a 36" fan - with a single shutter - for optimum ventilation. 

Gutter Connect

The Gutter Connect is all about smooth expansion and easy construction while preserving the existing structure.

Hobby House

The Hobby House is small enough for most yards but big enough to grow beautiful flowers or to start your vegetable season early.   

Why Wait?

Let's get started right away on your greenhouse quote! Simply download our "Puckett Greenhouse Quote Form", provide us with all requested information, and submit it to us by email or fax. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call.


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