The Commercial Greenhouse with Modine Heater

Additional Information

This custom made 30' X 96' Commercial Greenhouse is our most popular size and features easy lift side curtains, a double shutter with motor and a 36" fan- with a single shutter - for optimum ventilation. The covering is a 6 millimeter double layer plastic (an inflation blower with brackets keeps the plastic layers separated for insulation) with polycarbonate end walls and a 300,000 BTU Modine heater. All greenhouses are custom made and designed for your specific production requirements.

24' Wide Commercial Greenhouse

A 24' wide commercial greenhouse featuring a higher side wall and two large exhaust fans with shutters. This custom build commercial greenhouse does not require side curtains. Each greenhouse is custom built and priced for your budget and production needs.

22' Wide Commercial Greenhouse

The 22' wide Commercial Greenhouse is a great width with the standard length being 48' or 96' on 4' bow spacing and an American Coolair Cooling Pad (The University had this one designed for a specific piece of land). This custom Commercial Greenhouse is compact and may be the perfect width for your property.

16' x 96' Commercial Greenhouse

This is a great starter house for any commercial greenhouse grower. This greenhouse is great for smaller crops or for growing a wide variety of plants in one house. Built with economy in mind, this commercial greenhouse features a center over head height of a mere 7'10”. This house will hold up to 900 (true 1020) flats on the floor. Growing just that one crop is enough to see a large portion of your investment back. 900 flats x 9.00 per flat = $8100.00 not bad, right?

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