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Oasis Rooting Cubes



OASIS® Rootcubes® growing medium is manufactured in sheet form, with individual rooting cells shaped like cubes. Rootcubes® are available in sheets of various configurations or liners that fit conveniently into a standard “1020” plastic tray. Crops most commonly propagated from unrooted cuttings in Rootcubes media are poinsettias, geraniums, hibiscus, New Guinea impatiens, fuchsia, foliage, perennials, and woody ornamentals.

OASIS® WEDGE® growing media tapers in shape from top to bottom. This unique shape aids in directing root development downward for rapid root development, resulting in greater crop turnover and overall productivity for the grower. In transplanting, the WEDGE® product minimizes the need for dibbling. Each cell is singulated, therefore, there is no tangling of the fibrous root systems. Products come preloaded in either a strip or tray, and are immediately ready to use by a grower upon receipt. This format is ideal for automation and simplifies the packaging and shipping process. WEDGE® media comes in a wide variety of choices to suit many plants needs.


5615 - Medium only; Refill for 5625, 5641 and 5643 17 cells/strip (1 x 17) 120 strips  RootingCubes 5615

5641 - 102-ct. Tray only; fill with 5615 Medium 102 cells/tray (6 x 17) 40 trays  RootingCubeTray 5641

5005 - 1” Medium 162 cells/sheet (9x18) 20 sheetsN5005

5231 -1” Thin-cut Medium 276 XL cells/sheet – Cube: ¾” x 7/8” x 1½” Center holes: 7/8” apart 20 sheets RootingCubes 5231


* Rooting Cubes: