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Greenhouse Films

Helping Your Plants Grow Better with More Profit

Greenhouse films are highly advanced, long-lasting multilayer Photo selective films for use in greenhouse and tunnel covering applications. Greenhouse films combine high-level agronomic research with Professional plastics know-how to provide growers world-wide with films that are both technically unique and economically viable. Multi-layer technology with selected additives provides the right combination of strength, versatility and light transmission. Greenhouse cover films with their unique mechanical, optical and thermal characteristics ensure greater durability, excellent resistance to hostile weather conditions, controlled light penetration, better dust resistance and reduced pest activity.

Film Usage: Greenhouse cover
Width: Up to 52'
Thickness: 6 millimeter
Length: As required
Life: 4 years



Keep the heat and lose the drips! Klerks sets the standard in the industry for long lasting anti-condensation, the standard to which all other companies compare. All anti-condensates work when they’re new, but no other film’s anti-condensate additive keeps on working for you after that first or second year like Klerks does.

  • Anti-condensation - Removes the condensation from the film surface by providing an industrial soap additive. That keeps the films surface tension low where droplets will not form. Water will spread out and “sheet” to the gutters.
  • Infra-Red - This film helps conserve energy by holding longer IR wavelengths in the house at night. This keeps the heaters from cycling as often and saves on energy. Has one of the highest thermal ratings of any film in the industry.
  • Diffusion – breaks up the light and spreads it around your greenhouse. Gives your plant even, cool light that can reach below the canopy.


Kool Lite 380

Provides all the benefits of IR/AC, but has additional benefits.

  • Blocks harmful UV – while other films claim to block UV, most transmit up to 35% and some don’t block UV – B at all. KoolLite380 blocks all UV wavelenths to 380 nm.
  • Cools – by providing one of the highest diffusion rates in the industry and selectively filtering certain wavelengths of light that cause heat, KoolLite380 lowers leaf surface temperatures by up to 10 degrees. The result is not only cooler greenhouses and plants, but less water usage, less whitewashing in the hotter months. For retail environments, it means cooler customers and better quality light for the shopping experience, and for wholesale growers it means happier workers and staff.
  • Diffusion – KoolLite380 provides 77% light transmission, 75% diffused and 2% direct light. This means plants receive very high quality light that is even. Very little shadow can be noticed in a KoolLite380 house.
  • PAR quality – KoolLite380 lowers temperatures like a white film, but provides much better PAR transmission than a white film does. Good growing conditions result from the focus on blue and red wavelengths, and cool temperatures result from lowered IR


White Over Winter Film 55%

This is a 4 year, 6 mil plastic covering for single or double layered applications. Starting with strong EVA resin for excellent durability and light transmission, it comes standard with an anti-static additive to repel dust and dirt and keep the light shining through. This protection uses the latest HALs technology for superior film life. Tri-layer construction gives maximum physical properties with less weight. It is available in 55% white sheets.



This over winter film is becoming the film of choice for a lot of nurseries because of the expense and durability of the film. We have an early order program that goes on February through April, so during these months, call for our best pricing. This early order plastic will be delivered in September. We also stock several sizes. The white nursery film comes in different mil & sizes, they are 3 mil., 4 mil., 5 mil. or 6 mil. Other sizes are available.