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Wiggle Wire (Wire Lock) and Aluminum Base

Wiggle Wire (Wire Lock) and Aluminum Base

wigglewire 1Wiggle Wire and base



Great for installing plastic tops

Used on ends

Used around bows

Goes straight down the side

Works for single layers or multiple layers of plastic greenhouse coverings

Allows one layer of plastic to fit as well as a second layer of material (shade cloth) all in the same Wiggle Wire base

The price includes five 8' Wiggle Wire base and five 6 1/2' Wiggle Wire

6 1/2' in length stretching out to almost 8'

Extra Wiggle Wire is available for only $1.60 each

*If the internet over-estimates the freight on your Wiggle Wire and base order, please call our office at 1-800-782-5388 for a new freight quote. 

***This item is sold in lots of 5***